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What My Clients Say

"Jeannine has a beautiful, soft energy. She is very calming and I felt very safe during the whole process. Jeannine had amazing knowledge to support me throughout the session and she helped me consider the emotional links to the pains in my body. Jeannine had a very relaxing voice during hypnosis and the tuning forks brought another level to the healing experience as I felt the frequencies run through my body. During my sessions she helped me gain a higher perspective on my problems and this has transformed my approach to my problem and has truly helped me move forward in my life journey. I am truly thankful for the beautiful session she facilitated on me and it has truly helped me heal, so thank you. Xx"   

United Kingdom 12/15/22

"I feel so fortunate to have received two hypnosis sessions with Jeannine, both of which have given me so much healing, insight, and clarity for my lifepath. Her warm and welcoming demeanor instantly allowed me to feel as if I could trust her with my deepest secrets. 

Jeannine’s use of Sound Healing combined with the Quantum Hypnosis session was incredibly powerful! Her soothing voice enabled me to instantly relax and easily connect to my inner guidance and I was able to receive solutions to some long standing issues that I was having. With the powerful vibrations of the tuning forks, Jeannine was able to pinpoint and clear stuck energies in my body, including chronic pain in my back that I had been experiencing for years. 

Jeannine has obviously found her calling. She is deeply intuitive, and compassionate and I am forever grateful for these healing sessions. Thank you, Jeannine, for your guidance, grace and patience through my healing process, you are an Angel sent from Heaven!" 


 "Jeannine’s session on me 22.11.22 (look at the date numbers!)

My session was a wonderful positive experience. After patiently removing entities that had been holding me back from my power, Jeannine provided an amazing healing using sound and words, and I came out of the session buzzing! 


The biggest win was the removal of my lifetime of fear of sharks – a past life experience that was causing anxiousness whenever I was in the sea. Since the session 8 weeks ago I have been in the water many times without any concern at all! 


Jeannine does an amazing job, and I would recommend her sessions to anyone."


Michael Washington
Gold Coast Queensland Australia  22/11/22

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